Ponder upon; frown no more

My cny holiday has come to its inevitable close, sad. Well holiday's over, come next week there's gonna be Valentine's Day, then exams, then another week or so off, then I'm off for internship.

There generally isn't anything long-term to look forward to, besides my great shanghai internship and my current relationship with you. Hopefully the finale would be not be as anticlimactic as I suggest it would be. An ominous feeling about the future, but there's nothing I can do about it. Only time would tell I guess.

I still question why things happen, despite never getting answers that I find satisfactory. It's sometimes the most expected, unspecial things that is hardest to comprehend. Ironically, it's one of those out of the blue occurrences that are explained with the simplest thought.

Of all 365 days in the world, why was I born on May 15?

Simply because it's time for me to be born.

I wonder what feels worse - to drown, or to asphyxiate like a goldfish out of water.