This too shall pass

Somehow, the past couple of days felt very different. Maybe it’s the crazy monsoon rain that behaves in an undecided fashion, or the flu bug, or just my plain laziness at the whole affair, and that things are coming in from unexpected angles.

I wonder.

I wonder a great deal.

I wonder a great deal, about a great deal.

But it serves no purpose and the greater the deal the stupider.

There are too many things that are out of my control, as much as I wish for the reverse on a daily basis. The sheer dumbness that engulfs us all is just too much. I seem to be cold enough to easily brush people off. Well I can most people, just not the few. I guess I should control myself on that in order to work in PR in future.

There’s a great deal I want to find out, a great deal more I feel entitled to. There is this pressing urge to get there - just to know. What kind of person will I be? Where will I be? What will I be doing? Will things even out eventually? WILL THE WORLD REALLY END IN 2012?

This is such a pointless adventure. Meanwhile I should just sit there and mope like an average teenager just to satiate that dumb, primitive need for some form of attention, or probably hit the sack.