If you seek Amy

The world abuzz with the death of Amy Winehouse. I guess it's true, the world does appreciate people better when they're dead. The day before Michael Jackson died, he was a pariah and a complete joke. He hadn't been relevant for a long time, hadn't release anything musical worthy in a decade. But when he died, peopel were beside themselves. They played his old records and commented how sad it all was.

This is utterly gross and hypocritical. What happened to people calling him a pedophile? What happened to people treating him badly in the press? What happened to the constant taunts that people hurl at the poor man?

I reckon people are sad about Amy Winehouse's death not because they absolutely devastated by her death, but rather upset because they couldn't get a "Rehab" part two. Such is life, we are all selfish and never contented beings.