Only ever downwards

I shudder to think about school and its massive amount of deadlines that's about to be thrown at me.

Though I'm left with 15 weeks of school i.e. actually spending less than a hundred days in school, I am still discontented. Still longing to get out of here. It's still so far and I cannot see the end. No light to tell me that there's an end to this tunnel. I've been in the tunnel so long that I've lost track of time and maybe it is night so there's no luminescent mark for the end of the tunnel.

Yeah you wish.

Just two weeks ago, I was hoping for school to start. Now I'm hoping for the holidays to come quickly. If only the latter could be more easily fulfilled hahahaha. I am forever so unsatisfied. Why. Oh why.

Having a mid week break is the best thing that ever happened to me this week. Then again, I have to start getting around and arrange interviews for my news articles.