Reflecting a mirrored heart.

I have this love-hate relationship with social networking sites. The innate nature of it for individuals to get other people's attention is irksome, yet sometimes it helps to convey something you want to say to others whom you don't have the courage to say it upfront - easier. Haha so this is me writing a post; a confession of some sort, hoping that you would see it.

The brief two minutes conversation we had, I obliged. I will never say no. The words smoked out into my ears, I thought they felt sincere. Until I realised you were intoxicated. Then somehow, it brought me back to the yellowing halogen of the same scenario - that night we broke up. So here, I wanted closure but this, I felt a feeling of never-endingness. This scenario, I only see forever. 

Here am I, writing silently with so much desperation to wish for a closure that I wanted a long time ago, the one I wish I could say in a couple of sentences, though impossible to get because of your stubborn and vindictive nature, I have made my attempt. This may sound idiotic, but somehow I believe the closure I seek, can only be found with someone new.