Smoke, don't.

Don't smoke. Don't smoke because you will slowly burn yourself out from the inside, chasing away your soul, your beauty, and youth. Don't smoke. Don't smoke because when you hold someone's hand they shouldn't have to feel like they're holding the hand of your corpse. Smelling like death and pesticides you will stand alone in this world wondering how you ever got here, and cigarette clenched between your fingers a girl will pass by and wonder if she could love you. Love the stench of depression you breathe into her mouth when you kiss. And she would pass by, knowing the constant reminder of your self medicated death would be too soon for her. And you would wait in the dark, smoking that cigarette, wondering why you are so damn lonely when really you do know. It's because you gave up on everybody long ago, and eventually they gave up on you. Not because they didn't care, but they cared too much to see you destroy something they couldn't protect.