"I love you to the moon and back."

It was like one moment it was all sparkles and gold bathed in the luxury of abundant love, and the next moment a varied mix of fucked up and bitter emotions without a single trace of even a soft, satisfied happiness in it. Sometimes I wonder, are we too proud to admit this was a mistake right from the beginning? Was it all just for the little taste of scurried lust?

Maybe every new beginning is just an illusion of leaving a lasting good impression, something which we will only know whether it is a genuine personality or just a faux persona over time. Maybe we all lie because the truth hurts and it is just so hard to deal with, a lacklustre certainty and reality that most people cannot accept. Maybe we hold on to something so tightly and dearly because we are afraid that something so great would not happen twice, forgetting that the tighter we hold the more asphyxiating it gets.

But alas, whether it was a gesture to impress, lies to conceal our pain or a shame of a pessimistic view on life, if someone is willing to stay and go through this journey of existential love and catalytic sorrows, he is a keeper. Nothing in this world worth having comes easy, for the easy stuff isn't all that rewarding. I love you x.