Perfect imperfections

"In the end all you'll ever be is a fading photograph, an empty bed, forgotten memories until you get to the point where even your existence was doubted."

Oh, wow. This one really hit me hard. It's always jarring to read something someone else typed that you could never ever have explained so simply and fully. It suddenly dawns on you that there's always someone out there who is better than you and you're just a minute particle on this Earth - you are 1 out of 6,000,000,000 people in the world. Egoists and narcissists say what?

Simplifying a solution for you, you are left with two choices. One, you lose all hope in humanity because you are feeling so insignificant in this world, and feeling so ever tired. You're tired of not being able to sleep at night. You tired of lying in bed and feeling sorry for yourself. You're tired of feeling alone. You're tired of battling yourself, and you're tired of mind games. You give up struggling, and give up fighting yourself. You're giving up on all of this.

Two, you realise your insignifance in life and you're not gonna sit around to expect a targeted collision moment. You resolve to work hard for a brighter future. You believe that everything is possible. You believe that you could be a prominent figure one day, like Bruce Lee. It is a beautiful thing, when we believe. You believe you could breathe life into lifeless glaciers. You believe in perfection. You attempt to achieve perfection, and when you overcome the hurdle, you unravel a sad story. There is no going beyond perfection. You have no more goal in life. You deteriorate bit by bit and little by little you lose your mind.

Your hands explode into flames, all things imperfect once again.