A motive full of love.

Good Love - The Last Goodnight

To be honest, I am ambivalent about getting into a relationship again. (Who am I to kid talking about love at my age though?) I am afraid of broken promises, afraid of the mind games, afraid of the anxiety and agony, afraid of the insecurities, afraid of getting hurt, etc. Ironic, the more that one tries to address the problem, the worse it seems to get. Whether I like it or not, the past is here to stay and I reckon I just have to embrace it - as an experience or a lesson. By constantly reminding myself that the past is supposed to make me better and not bitter.

So I learnt that the key to happiness is change, and the key to change is by letting go of fear.

Well this realisation is not a new dawn in my life; it's more like how the darkness of the twilight fades, and the moon illuminates the night. The darkness subsides, driven from me by the pale reflection of the sun. No longer in pitch black darkness, now I can see the path before me again. Enough to keep me going, enough to make sure I see.

We all have been casualties of love and suffered the repercussions of it - emotional wounded, vindictive, wallow in self-pity and building up walls to prevent ourselves from getting hurt again. But we can't go on like this forever.