Summing up 2011 in one sentence.

And here it is, slightly nostalgic, laying on my parents' bed (as I always do), it is time to do a "looking back over the year" post before the year quickly come to a somewhat beautiful end and we would be ushering 2012 in a couple of days which is so much quicker than I thought because it seems like just yesterday I was just leaving Singapore for Shanghai to do my internship and have the best time of my life thus far and I vividly remember families and friends weeping as they bade us (the shanghai gang) goodbye and I asked Liying, "why are you guys crying?" and she said that because we are going to be apart from them for six months and she also said I was heartless because I did not feel sad at all, but I knew that we were going to be back in Singapore before we know it and I will be robbed of my freedom and the lack of incessant parental nagging again, so I told myself that I needed to make the best out of this internship, in fact I was really thrilled to explore the New York of Asia on my own without any parental or adult supervision and be able to live in the same apartment with awesome friends like in the American tv series, such as F.R.I.E.N.D.S., and boy I was right, the whole experience there was beyond legendary because not only did we get to experience almost all four seasons in China and enjoyed ourselves tremendously, we also managed to immersed ourselves in the rich culture by travelling around China where we conquered the Great Wall of China - one of the Seven Wonders of the World, hiked the Yellow Mountain, and also attended the annual beer festival in Qingdao which, to be honest, turned out to be quite a letdown because it was so badly organised, but apart from the brilliant experience in China, my mind has been on a tempestuous streak because I spend so much of my time thinking about so much things and it makes me wonder how my brain works and hasn't malfunction and I kept saying to myself, "forget shit and move on" but the truth is, I would be in misery after a day or two, like it is so quick that I seem to seek comfort in my own pain so I guess that is scary and also in 2011, many friends were made while some were lost and a lot of it has to do with putting in the effort to sustain the friendship because I believe that it takes two hands to clap and 2011 just made me realise that you can rely on nobody but yourself so here are my new year's resolutions (not that I think new year's resolutions are fulfilled): Keep my eyes open and protect myself because no one else in the world will, stop dwelling in the past and learn to get better at letting go, just be happy all year round and lastly thank you everybody who made this year so eventful, thank you for sticking behind this kid and let's make 2012 better!