The show must go on

"Love lifts us up where we belong;
all you need is love!"

Lately I have been watching Moulin Rouge on repeat. Perhaps it is that late 19th century Paris setting, over-the-top style, breathtaking costumes; and the story of the greatest forbidden love, make me crave for more each time. Of course the show has one of the best casts - the sexy Nicole Kidman and handsome Ewan McGregor, they leave me wanting more.

Alas, the season's weekend has come to an inevitable end. Apart from the small splendid dinner gathering with a couple of friends last evening and catching up with Walter till dawn that have been very pleasant, Christmas this year has been unspeakably meaningless and dull.

I mean, I am glad that my family is overseas and that I get to spend Christmas without any parental supervision, it feels weird somehow. The freedom I wanted isn't as enjoyable as I thought it would be, filling the house with loud music doesn't seem as fun as I thought it would be, sleeping naked on the living room sofa made me catch a cold, and suddenly the house seems exceptionally quiet and empty (I used to complain about how noisy my family is).

If I were to randomly insert a quote about my life now, I know perfectly what it would be and I'll despise myself.