Irrational thoughts

They say that water is weak. Water by itself, is incapable of any form. It is manipulated by surrounding forces into shapes it had never intended to be. It will never be what it wanted to be, but only what others wanted it to be. Water stands for nothing... Until it withstands harshly cold conditions and freezes into a solid form. Then it can repress its surrounding forces and no longer be controlled by its surroundings.

I guess this applies to life as well. There is no argument I can give against bad examples. I, myself, have been disappointed by so many people, myself included, that I do not blame those who doubt because of what they see. Your friends come and go, our hearts got shat on, you got excluded in plans sometimes, you got pushed around, you cried, awful things happened to you, but you survived all of it. Well some people sooner than the others. You take everything in and one day you come to a resolution not to let anyone decide your worth that is not you. Nobody should tell you what you aren't capable of. Nobody should steal your dignity. They can take your body, they can take your freedom, but nobody has the rights to have your mind. You learn that you have the power to change the world. You do have something to offer. You learn not to listen to anyone who tells you anything else. You Grow Up.