A sleep plagued by dreams

Spitting Fire // The Boxer Rebellion

Last night I had a terrible cough. Barely slept. And at 2.37am I woke up from a dream that left me feeling very creeped out and scared. Felt like there was an arm pressing against my throat. I wanted to run to my mother's room so badly but I am supposed to be old enough to fight these demons away alone. So I kept praying, but the fear was still there. And then just as I was hiding under the blankets, still praying, God spoke: The thing that has been bothering you tonight will bother you no longer. And suddenly, there was peace and I turned over and fell right back asleep.

It may all sound rather melodramatic and I look back to a few years ago where such a thing would have probably paralysed me and I thank God for watching over me and growing me where I can now boldly call and find strength in His name. And I can't help but wonder, if somehow, it's a sign that I should... stop running away.

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