Shallow thoughts

Yesterday I had yoghurt with Sylvia Plath. We didn't do much we just stared at each other but it was as if I was reading her mind. Or maybe I wasn't. I just pretended that I was. I wonder what happen to people's social networking sites when they die. Would people post RIP content on his/her wall (on Facebook) or would it just turn into a stagnant and voided profile? Should I give my passwords for my social networking sites to my closest friend so he/she can help me with status updates and pretend I'm still alive (on the other side)? Wouldn't it be awkward if a primary school friend stumbled upon your account and sends you a friend request but he/she doesn't know you're dead and gets a nil reply? I know this might be the most trivial matter to think of for somebody's death but do not deny this is a plausible subject to think about haha. I hope there is still a long road ahead to think about this. But then again, who cares about social networking sites when you turn 30 or 40.

At night I had some sugar with the Angelina Jolie and a close friend that knows my secrets. We drank not too little and danced our pants off to innocence. It was annoying how my hat kept falling off while I offered strawberries which I took out of the bag that both the Abu Dhabi kid and I have. Slowly towards the dawn of the new day, the Abu Dhabi kid brought mr incredible along with a pretty namesake and we proceeded on with Mcdonald's breakfast. I wanted to know why my song wasn't playing that night. And then everything was a buzz and no one remembers what is there to do. There is much ado about nothing, but something may be everything. And here I am typing out my whimsical life of this and that, the high and the low, the poor Daryl he is so cute and I am sorry for no absolute reason. The I am in very much control of my alcohol tolerence. In such that I am full of poison, but I shouldn't be blamed since I am rather magnificent. Or fine it was all under the influence of alcohol I swear.

Today we woke up at 2 because Peter Parker called, if not, we'll probably still be asleep.