Yes, no, I don't know.

My heart has been rather unsettling. There is this continuous urge to settle down (partly because I believe I am getting older). Yet when I meet someone whom I think is ideal and compatible, the feeling only reaches the edge of my heart before it fades away. I get this constant fear of "what if I fuck this up again?" The more interesting part is that, there isn't really a let-down or a build-up that leads to these walls I built to protect myself. Okay, I lied. I am so tired, yet I cannot describe it in such a way that will grant it justice.

死了也许会更好… 至少心不会再酸,不会再痛,也不会再寂寞了。 我也不必每天假装自己很坚强, 很开心。希望今晚一睡着, 从此以后不会再醒来了