I was about to dedicate a post about a new friend I made recently but it's tough to sum up this self-effacing person with something as equivocal and limited as words. If only I could reach deep into my pocket and pull out a feeling. I'd hand it to you across the table and say, "This. This is what he was like," and you would nod your head and understand.

"I'm not rich, God gave my family enough." This was something he so humbly said to me and it really hit hard. Oftentimes, we take too much things in life for granted. Some of us whine about not being able to materialise the things we wanted (yes Liying, I'm referring to you), we complain about school being so tiring and getting minimal sleep, and we grumble about how boring living in Singapore is. Instead of comparing your life with other people and making puerile excuses on how life is unfair, take a step back and learn to be satisfied with what life has already offered you.

So be appreciative. It's not that hard.