I can only dream.

I hate today. While I was out with Melantha, my mom gave me a ring to tell me that the enlistment letter is here. The letter bearing the size 12, Arial font, date of enlistment enclosed in it is sitting on my desk at home waiting for me to reveal the day I be a man and shave my head. At that instance, I wanted to go home, jump on my MacBook and purchase a one way ticket to New York City.

I would pack my most valuable possessions (because I know I can't take them all with me), say good bye to my family and friends, and hop on a plane and land in the most amazing city I’ve ever visited. I would stay with friends for a couple weeks until I find an apartment in Brooklyn. It’s small, but whatever, it’s New York. I start out working nights as a bartender, it’s what I know best before I am offered a shoe in with a small advertising company as an assistant.

I come home from work, change, and go straight back to work as a bartender at nights. I need to pay the bills somehow. When I return, late at night, I sip on a mug of tea, curl up on my mattress on the floor of my small service apartment, look out the window at the dim lit streets and think to myself, “This is worth it."

But I digress. All I can do now is to man up and accept the fact that I'm gonna waste two years of my life serving the nation. I hope it doesn't take a lot of effort though, I might hurl on myself.