An open letter

To: Whom it may concern

In a week's time, my life as a conscript is coming to a temporary halt after four bittersweet months. As forced as it is, my Basic Military Training (BMT) phase definitely had much sentimentality to it.

Life in BMT was hectic, you are filled with activities where you rush to wait, and wait to rush, again. The short breaks that fill the gaps cannot be used efficiently, especially when everyone is tired from the sun. People talk and joke about frivolous things (how deep a conversation could you conjure in 5 minutes?). But, through it all, we have the same face, of being bored, trying to get this over and done with.

Truth be told, during the past four months, I had sunk to my lowest and had soared to my greatest; tempered my anger and tamed my hatred; stung myself with mistakes and swallowed my pride. But I have grown beyond measure and became a better man (God, how cheesy can I sound). In fact, I am grateful. Grateful that army has taught me a whole different set of skills - leadership, interpersonal skills and camaraderie in the human spirit - something which not many of us could accomplish in school.

Of course, all these months wouldn't be easy without the support of my friends and family and the team of commanders whom I share love-hate relationships with (now that I'm no longer under their leadership). A big thank you to every single one of you for making this so special and memorable.

P.s. thank YOU for pulling me through the two-weeks confinement.