We all fear the future we delude ourselves.

  • What if the baby you aborted could be the person to find the cure to AIDS?
  • What if the transgender beaten to death could find the cure to cancer?
  • What if the gay teen who committed suicide from bully could be the next Steve Jobs - the God of technology?
  • What if the young girl sold into the sex trade and died from untreated STDs could have been the next Anna Wintour?
  • What if one of the hundreds and thousands of civilians killed in a war could have been the president of America?
  • What if that African-American lady who was raped and later died of internal complications could have been the next Pop star of the century?
  • What if all the people on the planet who cannot afford to go post-secondary education, and will live and die in poverty could have been the next batch of the greatest scientists alive?
What if the world ran out of 'what if's"?